Training is Trying

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Sorry Yoda but  there most certainly is a “try” especially when it comes to fitness.

In fact, it’s this “try” that’s at the heart of an effective workout program. If there is no try  there is no progress.

Training is a simple process. It’s nothing more than your brain programming your body to behave in a certain way.  It’s nothing more than a signal that originates in your brain, travels through your nervous system and ends at your muscle fibers.

If your body can perfectly obey the demands of your brains then all is good. Your brain is getting what it wants from your body. It’s all nice and fine, but the down side is nothing changes. Why should it? Your brain wants something and it gets it. No need to make any changes. If it ain’t broke then don’t fix it.

This is exactly what happens when many people workout. Their mind makes demands on their body and their body complies. Sure it might take hard work, but hard work alone seldom promises change.  Change only happens when the brain makes a demand on the body and the body can’t quite fulfill the order. The brain says “engage those abs” and the body says “what?!  I can’t quite make that happen.”

At this point, many people run from this situation. They get frustrated and their mind says “well if you can’t do it then I guess that’s that.” They then go back to having their mind making demands of the body that can be met. Once again, all is fine and dandy. It’s just that there’s no reason to change.

The key to change is for the brain to keep making that same demand over and over. The brain says “engage the abs” and the body says “I can’t.” Then the mind says again “engage the abs” and the body says “I don’t think I can.” Over and over the signal is repeated. Slowly the body starts to change it’s tune. “well I think I can engage the abs a little.” With a few more attempts the body says “Okay I have the abs turned on a bit more.” The more demanding the mind becomes the more the body adapts.

“Engage the abs more”

Okay is his good enough”

“NO! harder!”

“How about now?”

“Harder danmit!!!!”

If the mind says “Yea that’s cool” then the body and mind once again fall back into balance and change stops. If the signal is maintained then the capability is also maintained.

Training is trying. Trying is training. When you keep trying your body keep changing. When you stop trying you stop training and start just working out. This is why it’s so important to start each workout session with a clear idea of what you’re trying to do.