How Doing an Exercise Right Can Backfire

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better vs right

When I was younger I wanted to get everything right when it came down to diet and exercise.

I wanted to eat the right food and have the right diet.

I wanted to do the right exercises and use the right workout program.

Getting it right was very important to me. I thought that’s how I would get the results I wanted.

I now know that trying to get it right was one of the biggest mistakes I could have made. It caused plateaus that  lasted for years on end and frustrations that kept me up at night.

Here’s why:

When you strive to get it right, your mindset is such that you believe getting in better shape comes from doing things a certain and very specific way. For example, I believed that I would stay lean if I ate low fat foods and I would be strong as long as I lifted a particular free weight workout for 3 sets of 10.

When you believe you have a particular way of doing things you greatly limit your potential and your lifestyle freedom. This happens because once you believe you get it right you have no further I could only go so far with what I believed to be the right way to do things. If I ate low fat that was the best I could do. I couldn’t eat even more low fat. I was doing it right and as such saw nothing better to do. If I opened my mind to the idea that I had more to learn and grow, then I had to face the fact that maybe I didn’t have it right. That maybe, heaven forbid, I even had something wrong!

That’s quite the blow to the ego.  It’s also a shot to the security that we often seek when it comes to getting it right. We want to know the right things to do so we can rest assured we’ll see results. It’s like clinging to a floating anchor in the middle of a lake. You’re scared to let go in fear of drowning, but by holding on you’re also assured that you won’t go anywhere.

The great thing about fitness is that you don’t have to get it right. You don’t have to have the right technique or the right foods in your fridge. Getting in shape doesn’t depend on you doing anything right at all.

Getting in shape only requires that you do things better. 

This is why I tell people, who are looking to make a change to a fitter body, don’t worry about what to do. Just ask yourself what you can do better, right here and now. It doesn’t matter what you’re doing when you start. With consistency and progress you will succeed. It’s 100% guaranteed. You can’t keep putting one foot in front of the other and not move forward.

The moment you think you’ve got it right, you’re not going anywhere. Whatever habits you have will stay with you and your level of fitness will plateau.

However, if you understand that there’s no right or wrong, but rather small steps forward you’ll always be moving forwards.