the simple truth about abs

The Simple Truth About Abs

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Building up your abs and core strength isn’t very complicated yet a lot of experts seem hell bent to make it seem like it is. Each year there are new books, products, and gadgets that turn a simple process into a complicated mess.

Some of these myths are half-truths that have been warped by time and bro-science. The old adage that “abs are made in the kitchen” is a good example. While diet is important, it’s certainly not the whole story. Other’s are just flat out lies like claiming you can get abs through using a supplement or similar product.

Building abs and muscle tone isn’t complicated. It’s no different than toning up any other area of your body like your arms or back. All you need to do is adjust the fat to muscle ratio in that given area. If your fat level drops in relation to muscle mass you’ll achieve that toned look you want.

abs and core training isn't complicated

The key is understanding that building muscle tone in the midsection involves both fat and muscle which are controlled by separate root causes. This means there’s no one single workout, exercise, diet, or supplement that can give you a six pack on its own.

I don’t follow a special “core diet”, nor do I spend a lot of time or energy working my abs. Sure, I do an abdominal workout, but it doesn’t involve doing a lot of exercises with a lot of set or reps. I pretty much keep to a moderate diet with few hard sets of leg raises twice a week. That’s pretty much about it.

You don’t need to do a lot once you understand the truth about abs and muscle tone in general. To learn more, check out this week’s podcast where I get right to what does and does not help you get a toned midsection.