Understanding the Grind-Style Calisthenics Mindset

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Grind-style Calisthenics brings the experience of lifting heavy weights in the gym to the efficient world of body weight training.

This is accomplished not just from using unique exercises or workout routines, but a different mental perspective on physical exercise.

Taking a grind-style approach means focusing on the quality and quantity of the muscle tension you’re generating rather than chasing after heavier loads or endless reps. Those quantifiable metrics are important, but they can compromise your technique and tension quality for the sake of higher numbers.

Grind-style Calisthenics emphasizes the production of quality muscle tension production through inefficient exercise technique.

To put it simply, the Grind-style mindset is about willing to sacrifice or compromise quantifiable metrics for the sake of improved tension quality and control. This doesn’t mean you avoid the use of heavy loads or high repetition. It’s just that such metrics are now a secondary objective and not the primary goal.

The ultimate goal of the Grind-style approach is to make it easier to work your muscles harder. Chasing after vanity metrics, like high reps and heavy loads, can actually set you back as you strive to make the exercise more efficient and easier to do. All the while enduring external loads or endless reps can tax your body and increase your chances of injury, fatigue and burn out.

The Grind-style approach flips the script so you make basic exercises harder to do so your muscles are worked while your body doesn’t get overstressed.