Unlock Your Hips and Unlock Your Squat

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We live in a modern world, where sitting is the normal state of things. Now, I’m not someone who believes standing desks and sitting on the floor is the ultimate solution. No, the biggest issue from sitting is a situation I like to call “dead hips.”

Dead hip is the condition where your  ability to use your hips withers away and as a result, everything involving your core and lower body is severely

They're ALIVE! The hips are alive!!!

They’re ALIVE! The hips are alive!!!

handicapped.  No workout or stretching routine will save you. Once your hips are shut down they become permanently weak and stiff.

The good news is you can make your hips come alive! Wake those suckers up and you’ll unleash a ton of strength and mobility in all of your leg and core training.

Check out this video for more info: