Using Excuses to Springboard Your Fitness Success

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We Know we shouldn’t make excuses.

We know they don’t hold any water.

And yet we all still make them and they still can keep us stuck, especially when starting a new fitness project. Zach Even-esh of the underground strength gym came up with this great technique for turning a mental roadblock into a launch pad.

Step 1- Take out a sheet of paper and at the top write the title of your project.

Step 2- Write a dead line when you want to complete it.

Step 3- Write down every excuse, stumbling block and obstacle you can think of. Stop fighting to keep a positive mindset for a moment and just vent all of the negativity onto the paper. List out every reason why you can’t accomplish the project.

Step 4- Now write next to each excuse, what you can do to over come it. So if you don’t have the time to hit the gym, you can watch less TV or plan to do push ups in the living room.

This exercise allows your mind to get out of the negative excuse-making groove and onto the fast track to figuring out what you can do to over come your challenges.

Here’s an example:

Name: The daily workout project. (workout in some capacity every day)

Dead line: To workout 7 days a week by the end of the month.

Excuses: No time, Low energy, Inconvenient gym hours, unpredictable work hours, I might over train, weekends are chaotic with family events.

Game plan: Workout during the predictable hour long lunch each day at work. I can do the “Cindy” Crossfit workout. I should cancel the gym membership across town and use the free gym in my work place. I can scale back on what a workout means. Even doing 3 minutes of stretching can count as a workout if I feel like I’m over doing it. I can set up a mini gym in the basement with a pull up bar and some bands so I can get a few minutes of exercise in here and there during the weekend.

The point of this exercise is to confront your obstacles and to actively find ways around them. I will warn you though, it’s going to leave you with no excuses for your success. If you’re someone who is using excuses as a defense mechanism it’s going to make you feel pretty uncomfortable. But if you’re brave enough to find your success then give it a shot.