The Bare Facts About Your Body Fat

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There’s far too much myth, theory and dogma concerning your body fat. The simple facts of fat level management have become overwhelmed by the hype and sensational sales pitches that come with various diets and exercise programs promising to rid you of body fat as if it were some sort of disease or unnatural substance from a science fiction movie.

So it’s time to set a few things strait and lay out the bare facts about the fat on your body including what it really is, how you build it and how you lose it. No hype, sales pitches or sensational mumbo-jumbo. Just the facts as Mother Nature created them.

I cover the most need-to-know information about fat such as:

– The true origin of fat and calories (It’s not even from this planet!)

– The only 3 ways you can both consume and potentially burn fat including why no food or diet can directly cause either weight gain or weight loss.

– The only three ways you can burn more fat during any form of exercise. Plus why no form of training or exercise can directly cause fat loss.

– Why classic long term weight loss strategies may be literally fighting the very laws of Mother Nature.

– The simple weight loss method I recommend that not only works more in line with the principals of how your body works, but also teaches you how to both lose fat and maintain that fat loss at the same time.


Listen in or download and take it with you on the road. Let me know if you have any questions down below.