What 2 Do When You Can’t Do Much Exercise

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Sometimes I get an email or comment from someone having a little pity party for themselves.

They tell me they can “only do 2 pull ups.” or they can “only run 1/2 a mile.” They ask what they should do since they can’t do much.

The first thing to do is ditch the poor-me attitude. No matter how little you think you can do, that’s still a lot more than most people can do. It’s also a hell of a lot more than what most people are willing to do. So what if you can do 3 push ups. That’s a heck of a lot more than most people are even willing to do in the first place. Just the fact that you’re willing to get down on the floor and grind out a few reps puts you in a class that’s miles ahead of the average person who is all talk and no walk.

Second, if you can do 3 push ups, then do 3 push ups! So what if you can’t do more than that. As I always say, do what you can with what you have.  Success only comes from doing what you can and then building up from there. It produces results regardless of where you start.

We all wish we were stronger, faster, richer, younger leaner or had more time. However no one ever got fit by getting everything perfect in their life. Getting in shape means taking stock of what you can do and then doing it with everything you’ve got. It doesn’t matter if it’s a lot or a little. Doing it with focus and discipline is what brings you results. If you can run half a mile then run half a mile. If you can do 1 pull up then do 1 pull up. Do what you can with what you have and you’ll soon be able to do more because you’ll have more.

Lastly don’t ever, EVER look down on your capabilities. Your body and mind will only grow that which you have a positive association with. If you have a negative perspective with push ups you’ll never get stronger no matter how many of the damn things you do. But if you get down and relish the move, really savor the sensations to it you’ll be amazed how quickly your body and mind will change to be able to rapidly increase your ability to do more.

Okay enough preaching, now it’s time for you to get busy. GET ON IT!