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What if I Did Nothing But Pull Ups and Dips for a Month???

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Every once in a while, I come across a story or example of someone who is crazy strong through calisthenics.

I’m talking about folks who have super human strength and look like it to boot!

A common thread among these calisthenics legends is that they have an incredible focus on a select few exercises. They don’t do lots of different or exotic things. In fact, their entire exercise selection may comprise of only 2-3 exercises.

A good example is a buddy of mine named Mark. The man did nothing but pull ups and push ups. He used to take the 2 weight vests we had at the gym and wear them both while cranking out rep after rep.

Another example was Phil, from a different gym, who was training to break the world record for pull ups. The man had a back and set of arms that would envy a body builder. He had so much power he made the power cage shake when he did pull ups!

A final example is the story I just read in a forum about how a guy blasted his previous bench press performance by doing nothing but dips.

Over the years, I’ve learned that the more I simplify my workout strategy the stronger I get. This is why I’m taking on the ultimate challenge for the month or November.

Durring the next 30 days, my entire upper body training will be comprised of nothing but pull up and dip variations.

I’ll work them long and I’ll work’m hard. I’ll do them loaded and I’ll do them with assistance. I’ll use speed and I’ll go super slow. I’ll use many such variations, but ultimate I’m only going to be doing 2 exercises.

I might be crazy, or this could open a door to a whole new world. I’ll write a weekly post to let you know how the experiment is going. If you like, you can play along with me and select a few exercises to work on during the month.

Some examples:

– Doing nothing but lunge or squat variations for the legs. (I already do this anyway since lunges and squats are the only leg exercises I do.)

– Doing nothing buy leg raises or sit ups for core work.

– Keeping to recline rows and push ups.

– Select 3 exercises and do nothing else for the rest of the month.

– Select one method of cardio and start tracking and maximizing performance to see how fast you can go.

Why am I doing this?

As I mentioned, for the past 5 years I noticed that the more I refine my exercise selection the more results I gain. I attribute this to the idea that too many exercises can dilute one’s focus.

I firmly believe that the world’s best fitness pros tend to stick to the most basic exercises and master the crap out of them. It’s not variety that makes for great results, it’s exceptional ability.

The idea is that if I focus all of my resources on a few select exercises then I’ll stand the best chance at maximizing my ability and thus my results.

I selected the dip and the pull up because I feel they are the best 2 exercises to work the entire upper body. I can slightly alter each to place more emphasis in certain areas, but for the most part they hit everything fairly evenly.

So tomorrow is Halloween and the last day for things like curls and hand stands for a while. After that it’s off to the races and the beautiful unknown void of potential beyond my wildest dreams.