What is the Best Muscle Building Routine?

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What is the best muscle building routine? Is it 5×5? Maybe it’s drop sets. What about volume training? According to some, it’s about going heavy or going home.

Maybe you can build muscle from all of them. Maybe it’s not even about the routine at all.

In this week’s podcast, I discuss the important elements¬†of an effective muscle building routine and what really makes you build the muscle you want.

In this podcast I discuss:

  • The most effective muscle building exercises.
  • The natural law that controls how much muscle you build.
  • Why long workouts are not always best for building muscle.
  • The appropriate amount of rest you need to optimize muscle growth.
  • Why any single routine can’t promote muscle growth and the one thing that can.
  • The important factors for an effective muscle building workout besides just weight and reps.

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