What Makes Your Workout Effective?

In Fitness Independence, Progressive Calisthenics by Matt

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An effective workout depends on a lot more than just using the optimal exercises and rep range. Details like that are important, but the true essence of an effective workout depends on something much more subliminal and subjective.

Neuromuscular proficiency is essentially the skillful use of your own muscles, and it alone can make or break the effectiveness of your workouts.

To put it blunt, if you have a high degree of neuromuscular proficiency your workouts will be more effective with almost any exercise or workout plan. However, a lack of neuromuscular proficiency will significantly decrease the effectiveness of your workout no matter how hard you work or how optimal your training plan is.

Improving your neuromuscular proficiency takes a lot of practice and a lot of time, especially if your muscles are pretty sleepy and you have trouble using them. The good news is improving your proficiency is simple; you just practice contracting your muscles throughout the day.

To learn more, check out this weeks episode of the RDP podcast down below as well as the muscle activation exercises in my latest book, Grind Style Calisthenics.