When to Improve or Ignore a Fitness Weakness

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We all have our weaknesses when it comes to fitness. In some cases, focusing on a weakness can take your physique and performance to a much higher level. On the other hand you could spend loads of resources trying to fix  something that’s not really holding you back. The question is, how do you know when to focus on improving a weakness or just let it go?

Here are some cases where you might want to focus on improving a weakness:

#1- Improve a weakness that is holding one of your strengths in check. 

Let’s say you’re getting really good at triathlon but you struggle during the run. In this case, it makes total sense to find ways to become a better runner.

Compare that with the fact that I’ve never been a really good runner. There was a time when I focused on running and I got a lot faster and stronger. The thing is, my improvement in the run never carried over to any other strengths. I didn’t improve my riding nor did my hiking ability improve. In this case, I really didn’t need to improve my running as it wasn’t holding back any of my strengths.

#2- Improve a weakness that’s hold back something you love to do.

Everything we are passionate about doing will involve at least a few things that we don’t do very well.

In my case, I always loved to ski but I had no explosive power or agility in the bumps. Every turn I made felt heavy and slow.  I love skiing, but some days would mean doing nothing but dodging bumps, trees and people. Once I became a bit better at turning quicker I had much more fun on the slopes.

#3- Improve a weakness if it prevents you from doing things your way.

When it came to building this website I couldn’t do anything right. For a while, I had friends and other people build my graphics and set up the site. After all, sometimes it’s best to just have someone else take care of doing the things you’re not very good at.

The down side is that it was difficult for me to change the site on the fly. I would get an idea about something I wanted to change but it would take far too much time and money to make those changes happen.

If I didn’t care much about how the site was built then that would be fine, but I wanted control and the ability to make changes on my own. As  a result, I sought out software and programs that gave me that sort of control. I still can’t code, but I can at least run the site as I see fit.

Sometimes strengthening a weakness can be a real game changer and it can take you to a whole new level. On the other hand, you can also spend loads of resources trying to strengthen something that doesn’t really matter. Don’t listen to someone who tells you that you’re not strong because you can’t do something up to their standards. Everyone has weaknesses and that’s okay. The only reason to focus on fixing them is if they fit into one of the above examples.