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Why A Fit Body is the Ultimate Symbol of Status and Prestige

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A Fit body holds social prestige and power, even if your name is Eugene

A Fit body holds social prestige and power, even if your name is Eugene


We Americans love our symbols of status and prestige.

Be it a fancy car in the garage, or a flashy watch on the wrist, we love to own things that convey our importance and might to the world.

I love stuff like this, but if you ask me, a fit and healthy body is the ultimate in social high-and-mighty hardware. Best of all, you don’t have to worry about it getting scratched or stolen.

But a fit body is the ultimate status symbol for reasons beyond it’s practicality and sex appeal. It’s the ultimate symbol of social power for the simple fact that you must earn it!

You can’t buy it.

You can’t leverage politically powerful friends to get it.

You can’t even really gain much of an advantage from the tital wave of technology in society.

Everyone with a body that looks like Ferrari and performs like a Swiss watch has put in their time, effort and sweat. They’ve hit road blocks. They’ve had doubts. They’ve had haters. But in the end they did what was needed and they won their battles.

Best of all, they continue to earn their fitness. It’s not like a big screen TV you can just buy and then you can sit back and relax. A fit body must be earned first and then earned again every single day for years on end.

Nothing commands social respect and prestige like something that takes effort to not only acquire but to also maintain.

And what about the drugs? What about the plastic surgery and the “short cuts” others take?

I look at things like this sort of like running up a lot of debt to buy flashy goods. A little bit may be fine, maybe even necessary. However, on the whole, it’s a false front that actually detracts from the social prestige in the long run. It looks like the person is trying so very hard to impress others and few things suck the prestige from something like someone who looks like they have that thing just for the prestige. If I had a Ferrari and raced it, that may convey more prestige than someone who takes his car to the club and stands by it all night while hitting gals up with cheesy pic up lines.

A fit body, that’s built to perform, subconsciously conveys the qualities we value as a society. It’s more than just physical might or strength. It’s a subtle way of shouting out that we have discipline, self control and we can get Shit done. It helps us hold our posture in a way that  quietly screams the confidence and energy we have churning within.

What are your thoughts? Do you think a fit body as a status symbol or maybe just something mundane like a set of tools?