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Why Calisthenics are Great for Travel

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It’s no secret that body weight based exercise is fantastic for travel, but there is more to the story than just portable exercise.

Before I discovered body weight based exercise, I would look for a gym where ever I was traveling.

One of my regular destinations was my parents place in Sarasota Florida.
They have a massive mega gym a few miles from their home and I would hit it up when I visited.

Well I should say I tried to hit it up. Due to the busy vacation schedule and time constraints, I might get to the gym once every 3-4 days. For a guy like me who likes to exercise daily that’s quite a drop in activity.

If I was able to shoe-horn a visit to the gym in the scedual, it was usually a 1.5-2 hour affair. I had to drive to the gym, workout and then get back home while fighting the legendary Sarasota traffic.

Since I had to pay about 12 bucks for a day pass, I always felt like I needed to spend more time there to get my money’s worth. It’s not like I could do a 20 minute workout and get back to my vacation.

So my old workouts were quite the interruption to my vacation. Not that I didn’t enjoy the gym, but it took time, money and energy away from time on the beach or relaxing with the family.

I was also a bit self conscious about my desire to hit the gym while vacationing with friends who didn’t workout. It was tough to ask everyone else to wait a hour or so while I got my workout in. I know it’s important to do things for yourself, but I still felt like my workouts were an imposition to friends and family.

Now things are very different. I have some suspension straps set up from a tree in the backyard overlooking the beautiful lagoon. I also bring a jump rope and the gym boss.

The “commute” to my workouts is just a walk into the back yard and my workouts are about 10-15 minutes long. I usually do them in the morning before everyone else wakes up.
I also might chunk my workout through the day so I end up doing a lot but only use the few minutes of free time I naturally have through the day.

So not only do I still get a fantastic workout in even though I’m on the road, that workout takes very little away from my vacation.

Talk about your win-win!