Why Diet and Exercise Dogmas Are The Biggest Rip-Off in Fitness

In Fitness Independence, Progressive Calisthenics by Matt

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A fitness dogma is an addiction we develop to any particular rule, method or system regarding how we approach our fitness.

I used to take a very dogmatic approach to many things in fitness. I made many sacrifices and did things I honestly didn’t want to do for the simple fact that I thought I had to. By high-maintenance fitness lifestyle even cost me several relationships along the way.

At the time, I thought that was the price I had to pay for the success I wanted. However, over the years I was able to break free of the dogmatic approaches and achieve a state of Fitness Independence.

While achieving more personal freedom brought a lot of relief, and even better results, the whole deal left me feeling just like I had been ripped off. I had paid a high price with my body, mind and lifestyle only to find out I was drastically overpaying while those dogmatic habits were under-delivering.

So join me as I help expose how fitness dogmas are nothing but a big rip-off and you don’t have to pay such exorbitant prices for health and fitness.

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