Why I Gave Up the Barbell

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Yes it’s true. I have all but given up on the ever popular barbell.I grew tired of the restrictions it imposed. I wanted more than just an overhand or underhand grip. I like being able to lace my hands in an infinite number of positions that suit my shoulder and other joints best.

I grew tired of the plates, the collars, and it’s oppressive length that limited the number of ways I could move.

It’s funny, usually a free weight is associated with the ability to move at will without restrictions. The barbell allows some measure of freedom but I guess it’s just not enough for me.

I don’t like my knees getting in the way as I dead lift. I don’t like my chin getting in the way during over head presses. Yea, yea I now they should not be in the way if my technique is correct. But the question must be asked; are my knees in the way of the bar, or is the bar in the way of my knees? Is it correct technique because of how my body should move, or is it correct technique based on the requirements of the barbell?

I also like to move around when I have weight in my hands or on my back. With a sand bag or a pair of kettlebells I can run up a flight or stairs, side skip across the room and even change directions during lunges at a moments notice.

The barbell doesn’t fit in my staircase and turning around with the thing feels so much more like pulling a U-turn with my grandfather’s old Mercury Grandmaquee. It’s great for moving weight up and down and maybe even forwards but I’m sorry that’s just not enogh for me.The barbell does have a few things going for it. It gave me the ability to load a tremendous amount of weight (and therefor stress) upon my squats, lunges, presses and rows. Hoist massive weight I did, but only when my technique was crap and it never happened without placing my joints and tissues at risk. These days my technique is much more solid and the results prove it. I’m not lifting nearly as much weight, but anyway I’m looking to improve how my body functions and moves. I never cared to much for just lifting weight for the sake of lifting weight.

So it is with semi fond memories that I bid adieu to the 7 foot behemoth. To the rail of steel I say “it’s not you, it’s me” and I have my sandbag and pull up bar waiting in eager anticipation.