Why I No Longer Try to Bulk or Cut

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Bulking and cutting cycles are a classic bodybuilding strategy, but do you really need to use them to build an impressive physique?

Over the years, I’ve learned that not only is the classic bulk and cut approach terribly impractical for most people, it can even hold you back.

Resources listed mentioned in this episode:

NOSSK Suspension Equipment: http://bit.ly/33nlhKq

WorldFit Isometric Equipment: https://bit.ly/3mJfbvS

R.D.P Books on Amazon: https://amzn.to/2FtTUms

Q&A time Stamps:

Is it okay to just relax in the bottom of a deep squat? 17:42

Is muscle really that metabolically active? 19:49

What do I think about having equipment-specific workout days? 21:15 

Where do I get my information and points of view on fitness? 23:18

Why you need more than just protein to build muscle: 25:40

Update on the Fit At Home Podcast: 27:59

What about cycling a mini bulk and cut month to month? 29:15

Creatine and supplementation for building muscle: 33:11

My tips for building an effective workout circuit: 35:30

Is it okay to use towel grips with every pulling exercise? 37:57

The best formula for gains: 39:43

Do tight hamstrings compromise pike push-ups? 41:25

Is the free-standing handstand push-up good for strength, or just a party trick? 42:46

Addressing tennis elbow from push-ups and pull-ups: 43:35

How do I stop binging?! 45:02

Is there any benefit to doing more sets once you have a drop in performance? 48:29

Have I ever considered a plant-based diet? 49:41

How to master dips even with super tight shoulders: 50:49

Can eggs help with training? 52:14

Are pull-ups and dips enough to build up the shoulders? 53:37

What sort of training schedule would I recommend for MMA? 54:28