Why It’s Easier for Me to Stay Lean & Strong

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Piece of cake………



One of my biggest frustrations is when people look at me and believe I’ve got some freak advantage when it comes to fitness. They say things like “oh sure it’s easy for you, but I’m not like you.”

They don’t know it, but in that very moment they are putting up a massive wall between themselves and any chance of fitness success. You chances of success in anything plummet the second you believe you’re “not that sort of person.”

In all honesty, this whole fitness thing is easier for me than it is for most other people. It’s easier for me to eat healthy. It’s easier for me to workout and exercise. The thing is, it’s not because of my age, genetics, or some other characteristic I’ve been handed on a silver plater.  Fitness is easier for me because I’ve actively taken steps to make it that way. 

Listening to this week’s podcast is the first step you can take in making that happen for you as well.