Why Nutritional Recommendations are an Educated Guess

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It’s natural to strive and search for solid answers when it comes to nutritional recommendations.

There is a certain comfort and security that comes from hearing that you have to consume an exact number of calories or grams of protein each day. It helps you feel in control of your diet and this your health and fitness.

The frustrating thing is that the results of your diet boil down to a balance between not just your consumption, but your consumption relative to your expenditure. This not only applies to calories but also protein, fat, carbohydrates, and even water.

This means that the results you gain from your consumption of carbohydrates don’t depend on just how many carbs you eat but the amount of carbohydrate you consume relative to your carbohydrate expenditure. This is why it’s difficult to get a solid numerical answer for how much you should be eating because your optimal intake depends on your expenditure at the same time.

The lesson here is to not put too much weight into quantifiable numbers that you find on the Internet or even through casual advice. It’s difficult to know just how much of a nutrient you should be consuming without also considering your expenditure. A diet that may be ideal for you may not be ideal for someone else because your utilization of calories, protein or carbohydrates may be so vastly different.