The Real Reason Why Push Ups Bring You Limited Gains

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Many believe the myth that you can only become so strong and muscular with push ups. That they can only do so much for you and then you need to graduate to machines or free weights to truly become strong.


The push up is an enigma that most people never bother to explore beyond the surface.

I partly blame early education and exposure to the exercise. Most people get their first taste of the push up in a gym class where they’re told to do them and they do so grudgingly.  This often results in using a meager technique at best and a general hatred of the exercise. Without the love and passion for the movement, there’s simply no motivation to explore just how far they can take the exercise.

It’s because of this, most people never go beyond an average technique and thus achieve meager results with it. They then believe it’s a beginner exercise and resort to machines or free weights in an effort to go beyond what they learned in gym class when they were 13 years old.

The reason why most people stop seeing progress with their push ups is because they stop progressing their understanding of how to do the exercise! They keep their back strait (sort of) get low to to the ground and maybe pay attention to their breathing. With this simple technical check list covered, they believe they’ve got the move down and move on.

Here at the R.D.P we know better. We know that such technical proficiency is like riding a bike without the training wheels. It’s good, but there’s so much more you can do to advance the technique. You could do push ups for the next 30 years and still discover ways to make them better, all the while becoming stronger and more fit.

The bottom line is this, any exercise (especialy the push up) brings you limited gains because of your limited understanding of the move. The limits  aren’t inherently built into the exercise, they are in your own technical knowledge!

Seek to progress the push up and you will find ways to become stronger and more fit than you ever imagined!

In the next post I’ll have a few videos on how to take your push ups beyond the elementary technique learned in gym class.