Why Skill Trumps Ball Busting Hard Work

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One of the traits with some of the most fit people I know is that they don’t have a massive selection of exercises.

Their workouts are comprised of just a few fundamental moves and maybe a couple supplemental exercises. When asked what they do for their incredible physique or strength their answer is usually met with a bit of skepticism.

“Hey man, what do you do for those arms?”

“Pull ups.”

“That’s it!? How can that be?”

Meanwhile the skeptic is coming in and doing 6 different curl exercises to gain half of the progress in twice the time.

The reason is simple. Success and results come from how well you perform an exercise. It doesn’t matter much if you do 1 exercise or 100. A high level of technical performance is what brings results. The same can be said for volume. 3 sets done at a high level of performance will bring more progress than endless sets done with poor technique.

When you’re performance is high you don’t have to do much. You don’t need to spend much time or other lifestyle resources to get results. The better you get, the less you have to do.

This is why the Triad Muscle Revolution works so well. It’s not about doing a lot of different exercises. Instead it’s just 3 primary moves with the goal to become the very best as possible. With that as your focus you can’t not get results.