Why Some are Cursed and Some are Blessed in Fitness

In Methods & Success Mindsetby Matt

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For the longest time, I believed that fitness wasn’t a very fair game to play.

I always felt cursed. No matter what I did I never got much in the way of results. I did every type of exercise, tried every diet and worked with every type of equipment. Yet it was easier for me to pull my own teeth than it was to make any progress.

Then there are those who seem gifted with fitness. These are the folks who take to any sport like they were born to do that activity. Even though they eat junk food and break every rule of every diet, they still stay lean.

Many folks will blame genetics and, to a certain degree, genetics do play a pretty big role. However, genetics can only be held responsible for the outliers. We can blame genetics for the pro sports star or the 400 pound man who has trouble getting out of his car. But the fact remains that there’s a pretty darn good chance that you probably fall somewhere along the bell curve with the rest of us who are considered “average.”

Other’s will blame training history. Again, this is true to a certain degree as well.  Someone who grew up playing sports and eating family dinners of freshly prepared food will have massive advantages over those who never learned how to move while most of their food was ordered from a numbered menu and served on a tray.

Yet despite the genetics, and despite the years of history, there’s still a much bigger factor to consider.

The factor of how well you fulfill the root cause of your goals.

Every goal or fitness objective has one, and only one root cause. This root cause is the same for every human on earth and even applies to many other mammals.

Here is a quick list of the root causes:

Fat level changes——–> Calorie balance

Muscle building———> Time under tension which is manipulated through the 3 dimensions of progression; Frequency, Intensity and Technique.

Body sculpting / building——-> Changes in the levels of fat and muscle.

Nutrition / healthy diet——-> fulfillment of needs and desires.

Sports and athletic performance—–> The S.A.I.D principal which stands for Specific Adaptation to Imposed demand.

That covers about everything people seek in fitness.

The biggest thing to understand about these principals is that none of them are dependent upon any particular diet or exercise method. Fat loss doesn’t depend upon wether or not your food comes from a local farmer or the 7Eleven. Building muscle doesn’t depend upon wether you use free weights, machines, calisthenics or if you just lift rocks in your back yard.  The root cause of your goal is independent of whatever tools, programs or fads we humans can come up with.

The only exception would be the S.A.I.D principal. If you want to become a faster bike racer you’re going to have to ride a bike to at least some degree. If you want to be a champion power lifter then you’ll have to get a barbell and practice dead lifts.

Knowing the root cause of your goal is important because it’s the difference between those who are cursed and those who are blessed in fitness. If you fulfill the root cause of your goal then you get those results regardless of how you go about them. This is why some people can seem gifted with a lean body. They eat pizza and drink beer yet they stay lean. They aren’t lucky, it’s because they can fulfill the root cause of calorie balance either by accident or they know what they are doing.

At the same time, you can do anything and everything yet never really fulfill the root cause of your goal. This is why you can workout, “eat right” and follow all of the rules yet still be cursed. This is because your success depends on how well you can fulfill the root cause of your goal NOT how well you can follow the rules in a diet book or workout program. You can follow any diet, any program and use any tool and still never fulfill the root cause of your goal thus never get the results you want.

This doesn’t mean you’re cursed, it just means you’re not fulfilling the root cause of your goal. It also doesn’t mean your friend who is strong, but never goes to the gym is gifted. It just means they have another way of fulfilling the root cause.