5 ways pull ups build a sexy physique

5 Ways Pull Ups Build a Sexy Physique

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Few exercises will help you build a sexy physique like pull ups. I’ve never met anyone, man or woman, who was good at pull ups and didn’t have a good looking upper body.

I’ve always wondered why this was the case. It’s not like you’re going to notice someone’s strong upper body and think “I bet they do a lot of pull-ups.” It’s more subtle than that. There’s a sort of aura the pull-up physique gives off that’s both powerful yet it’s not giving off a vibe of someone who craves attention.

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The humble pull-up may look simple but it’s effective in many ways.

I believe the reason why pull-ups create a sexy physique is due to the following factors.

#1 Pull ups build the arms in proportion to the shoulders and back

Every gym has that one guy who looks like he does curls all day and little else. While big biceps are impressive, they look out of place when they are the dominant muscle on display.

Pull ups are a great biceps builder, but they are not an isolation exercise. They also work your forearm, lats, and shoulders. This helps keep the visual balance between your arms and the rest of your body in check. You’re free to build up your biceps as much as you like without looking like all you care about are curls.

#2 They build a confident posture

A good posture is essential in building a physique at looks good. It doesn’t matter how much muscle you pack on or how lean you are. If your posture sucks you won’t have that strong and confident appearance.

Pull ups help guard against an unattractive posture.

Pull ups naturally retract and depress your shoulder blades making them a great solution to the ultimate posture problem; kyphosis. The stronger you get, the more you’ll naturally build the muscles you need to pull your shoulders back while sticking out your chest to portray strength and confidence.

#3 They develop your grip and forearms

Few muscles convey strength and power like big forearms and a strong handshake speaks volumes about your strength and confidence.

Bruce Lee developed his forearms for punching power. They didn’t hurt his appearance on screen either.

Luckily, progressive pull ups do wonders to build an iron grip and well-developed forearms. You can amplify this effect by doing pull ups or rows from towels or grip grenades as well.

#4 They help build that V-shaped back

A V-shaped back is the cornerstone of a sexy physique. It helps make your shoulders look wider while making your waist look smaller.

Pull ups help you look wider up top and narrower in your waist.

Attaining this V-shape back requires developing your Lats and few exercises work you lats like pull ups. Reaching up and pulling your upper arm down toward your sides is one of the best ways to build your lats, plus pull ups don’t stress your spine because you’re in a hanging position. This makes building a V-shape back much easier and safer.

#5 Pull-ups work your abs

A lot of people focus on toning their abs when their goal is to build an attractive body. This is all fine and good, but the pull up can even help with building a six pack as well.  When you pull towards your hands, your lower body is suspended, and your abs contract to help.

Pull up

Your abs naturally work hard when hanging.

When you pull towards your hands, your lower body is suspended, and your abs contract to help stabilize its position in space. I’ve even heard some people claim their abs are more sore than their arms after a hard pull up workout!

These reasons and more are great examples as to why you should include some form of pull up training in your weekly routine. To learn more about how to get started with a solid pull-up program, check out Convict Conditioning here.