Why You Must Pick Your Fitness Battles

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In the journey to be fit you’re going to have some stumbling blocks that are going to be a real pisser to get around. It doesn’t make you weak or anything. It simply means you’re human.

It might be a food you’re not willing to give up or a habit like early morning workouts that are a constant struggle.

The mistake isn’t in keeping those habits, but instead constantly banging your head against the wall trying to fix them.  Every day you struggle to tackle this one thing, spending all kinds of time and energy, meanwhile there are all sorts of other habits that are going ot be a hell of a lot easier to change.

Instead of grinding out one or two habits go after the ones that are easier for you to change first. So maybe you can’t get a good breakfast in every day no matter what you do. Focus on getting in a great lunch and dinner instead. If you can’t stand cardio then hit the weights or yoga class. If you’re struggling to give up your Friday happy hour look to cut back on calories someplace else.

It’s sort of like when you had those multiple choice tests in school. The teacher always told you that if you got stuck on a certain problem then skip it and come back to it later. Other wise you waste a lot of time and energy on one program while the rest of the test is compromised. The same can happen with your fitness plans. While you focus on fixing one tiny thing, the rest of your habits crumble.

You don’t need to be perfect to make massive improvements, you just need to progress. Go after the progressions that are easier now and build up some momentum. Before too long, that progressive momentum will be so great you plow through those harder vices with much more ease.