9 Reasons Why You Should Train Every Day

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Every Day

Training every day may seem a little extreme, but it may just be the ticket to making progress much faster and easier than if you only pursued your goals a few days out of the week.

Here are a few reasons why training every day can super charge your strength and muscle training.

#1 At the heart of all training is your mental control over your muscles. Just working your muscles hard is not enough to advance beyond the beginning stages of strength and muscle growth. If you really want to reach some rare air your mind-muscle skills have got to be on point and always improving.


Squats will greatly improve your balance and flexibility when practiced daily.

Just like any skill, muscle control can be practiced every day. It doesn’t always have to involve driving your muscles into a state of submissive fatigue. Doing a little something every day can rapidly accelerate your muscle control skills much faster than training a few times a week.

#2 Mental edge is also something that can rapidly deteriorate within a day or two. I used to take the whole weekend off and sometimes my mind would have some trouble getting back into “grind mode” on Monday. By ding a little something each day your mental edge stays sharp and there never is any need to get back on track.

#3 Recovery is often a sticking point for many people. Most of the time, it’s lack of sleep or inadequate nutrition that holds you back. When you train every day your mind subconsciously understands it also can’t take a day off from making recovery a top priority as well. So you’re higher training ethic leads to a higher recovery discipline and the cycle drives up your results.

Here are some reasons it can speed up weight loss.

#1 By making some sort of activity an every day occurrence you’re far more likely to increase your caloric output over the week. Yes, diet is important but remember, weight loss is not about diet alone. It’s the balance between calories in and calories out. Doing something every day goes a long way towards getting you above your caloric horizon. 

Requiring a daily walk is one reason why dogs make excellent personal trainers.

Requiring a daily walk is one reason why dogs make excellent personal trainers.

#2 Doing something every day helps not only establish consistency with your energy output but it also helps you avoid rapid swings in energy expenditure throughout the week. Having a week with an up-and-down energy expenditure can cause your personal energy levels and blood sugar levels to also feel like you’re on a roller coaster. One day you’re tired and hungry, the next you’re bouncing off the walls and eating less. It feels like you just can’t get a handle on you energy levels and this makes it harder to control your diet and thus your weight. By doing something every day you can establish more stable calorie output, which goes a long way towards stabilizing your diet and blood sugar and thus your fat levels.

#3 Just as with strength training, your mental edge needs to remain razor sharp at all times. It’s far too easy to “take a day or two off” and over indulge in foods while just sitting around. Once you have a couple of slack days under your belt it can become much harder to get back on the wagon. Training every day maintains that mental edge.

Major reason #1

In addition to the 6 reasons above, training every day also helps both your body and mind get used to your routine much quicker. I know some folks will tell you that you don’t want to get used to your routine, but that’s a complete myth. Truth be told, you want to get as used to your training habits as much as possible as quickly as possible. Once you get used to it you make it far easier to maintain your results and then make further progress on top of those results. After all, getting used to a routine is just another way to describe building a habit and it’s a habit that makes your success much easier, let alone possible.

Major reason #2

Every second of every day every cell in your entire body is adapting to the information you’re teaching it. As far as your body is concerned, there are no days off. Even as you read this it’s changing. The question is, is it changing in ways you’re proactively telling it to, or are you just letting it do “whatever.”

Major reason #3

No one ever felt refreshed and ready to tackle the world after watching the news at night.

No one ever felt refreshed and ready to tackle the world after watching the news at night.

Getting your body moving is an excellent way to relieve stress in both body and mind.  Training early in the day can also ramp up your energy level and prime your mind for the day. Moving in the middle of the day is the ultimate pick-me up. So if you have stress building up every day then doesn’t it make sense to relieve that stress every day?

Training doesn’t have to always be tough and harsh. It doesn’t have to always be draining and punishing. It’s simply a time when your mind is taking control of your body and trying to make it operate in a better way. This can include harsh workouts, but it can also be done while walking your dog or trying to improve your posture as you wait for the bus.

So not only is training every day something that’s very beneficial, but it’s also incredibly easy to do.