Your Results Depend on This One Thing

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The Triangle is a symbolic representation of growth and progression which is why this is the Red Delta Project, not the Red Octagon Project.

Progression is the very essence of what gets you the results you’re looking for.  It’s the very fuel that makes your muscles bigger, stronger and more capable. It’s also what makes you healthier, leaner and happier.

Whatever you want in fitness, and in life, comes through progression.

So it’s kind of an important topic don’t ya think?

The problem is we can easily lose sight of the fact that progression is so important. All of the rules about how you should eat or exercise can bury your attention and pretty soon you’re more concerned with your meal timing and the debate over the latest workout trends than you are focused on progression. When this happens you’re like someone who’s trying to take a trip across the country, yet they are so obsessed about keeping their car clean that they never get out of the drive way.

In this week’s podcast I talk about exactly what progression is and how you can achieve it so you’re getting more of what you want every single day.