The Cause of Every Fitness & Weight Loss Plateau

In Methods & Success Mindsetby Matt

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Someone once said that knowing is the enemy of learning. Once you feel you’ve figured something out then you stop searching and learning. Once that happens you stop moving toward your goal.

The reason is simple. Your progress is tied to your potential to learn and grow in the knowledge on how to apply the diet and exercise skills you have. The only way you’ll ever become faster, stronger and more fit is if you learn how to do things in a progressive manner. If you always do what you know, and your knowledge never grows, then your potential will forever be held in check regardless of how hard you work.

In the martial arts we talk about keeping a “white belt mind” or the beginners mind which is always open to learning more stuff about even the most basic movements. Someone with the white belt mind will always grow and advance, leaving their buddies who “know what to do” in the dust and making excuses like how life is unfair to them.

It’s always important to know what you’re doing to some point of course. You must always have a plan for every workout you do. Above all you’ve can’t just work hard and “wing it.” However keeping your mind on the same information you’ve used for months on end will certainly cause a plateau in any aspect of your fitness.

In the next post I’ll cover a simple strategy for developing and maintaining the white belt mind so you never stop growing and progressing.