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“Matt is the greatest living expert in bodyweight bodybuilding alive today. Nobody else comes close!”

-Paul Wade Author of Convict Conditioning


What is the RDP?

The Red Delta Project was created to make fitness as easy as possible for you by reducing the chronic stress of modern diet and exercise methods. Excess stress is the #1 obstacle standing between you and the results you want. Erasing such stress is the best way to achieve, and maintain much better results.

You can start to eliminate the stress that’s holding you back from getting started with resources like these videos, the R.D.P podcast.


Calisthenics, or bodyweight training, is the ultimate workout program for achieving the best possible results with as little stress as possible. You don’t need a gym, fancy equipment or harsh workouts so it doesn’t stress your budget or your schedule. You can practice it anywhere at any time so it works with your lifestyle, not against it. Best of all, bodyweight training won’t stress your joints and nervous system like conventional weight lifting.

Healthy Eating

The whole purpose behind a healthy diet is to remove stress from your body and mind. Ironically, many so-called healthy eating methods induce stress in an attempt to get you to “eat right” according to a dogmatic set of rules.

Healthy Eating will help you break free from the artificial rules someone else invented and help you learn how to eat best for your individual needs.

Additional Resources

Along with a few products that I personally recommend, listen to the RDP Podcast, on Apple Podcasts and Stitcher Radio, where I share weekly strategies on how you can reduce stress and get in the best shape of your life.

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There are over 1,000 videos on the R.D.P YouTube Channel on topics ranging from how to begin calisthenics training to how to eat junk food in a healthy way. 

The R.D.P videos are quick 2-3 minute mini lessons which contain practical tips to improve your health and fitness. Some videos focus on dialing in your technique to get more benefit from a specific exercise. Others are more broad and bring a fresh perspective to diet and exercise as a whole.

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The Red Delta Project Podcast is a weekly 20-minute audio session where I peel back the curtain on modern diet and exercise trends and shed new light on old ideas. Each episode is jam-packed with pure content. It isn’t cluttered with mindless talk and annoying advertisements. I get right to the topic at hand within the first 20 seconds and I give you the best I’ve got for rest entire show. I also include practical takeaways in each episode that you can immediately apply so you can make progress from one episode to the next.

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